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#26 2016-10-21 02:11:56

Dodging A Bullet
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Re: The oldest machine running Bunsenlabs with/without hiccups?

I did have Bunsen on an old Compaq N200 P3 700MHz laptop with 192MB of RAM until recently, I wouldn't claim it ran "without hiccups" though, as useable browsers require processor instruction sets that old P3 mobile didn't support, I used it to play music mostly, until the power switch broke off, plastic parts for a laptop that age being unobtainable, and the part being too small to easily fabricate, it got consigned to the recyclers.

I miss it thouugh, was my first laptop, and accompanied me on a trip to the other side of the world.

I do have an even older machine I could experiment with, if i had the time and inclination to turn this thread into a competition.

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#27 2016-10-21 06:31:14

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Re: The oldest machine running Bunsenlabs with/without hiccups?

blinco wrote:

This isn't a very productive machine by today's standards

...and yet we used to do productive work with them back then: Netscape surfing and webpage editing, writing with WordPerfect or LaTeX, presentations with Harvard Graphics, spreadsheet in Lotus 123, even basic photo editing. All that in wacky Windows 95. We can't use those same machines in the same way anymore (except writing code in text editor), and that is called progress.

blinco wrote:

but it does encourage using the command line, which teaches a lot about how Linux works.

That's the spirit, blinco. What kind of monitor have you connected to that beast?


#28 2017-01-03 17:51:49

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Re: The oldest machine running Bunsenlabs with/without hiccups?

My main machine up until recently was an Asus EEEPC 4G. 2GB ram, single core Celeron processor at 633Mhz and a 16gb hard disk. I was running nonPAE Bunsenlabs on it which was fine.

It was perfectly OK for web browsing and writing. I acquired a much more modern Lenovo at Christmas which will replace it though.


#29 2017-03-26 02:24:54

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Re: The oldest machine running Bunsenlabs with/without hiccups?

Mine are not the oldest, but they are certainly on the limited functionality end of things, as most people would believe. I have two netbooks that I use for puttering around with BL: (1) Asus Eee PC 1015PX (Atom N570) and (2) Asus 1025C (Atom 2600). The 1015PX had Crunchbang Waldorf on it previously. I have a Lenovo S10-3 (Atom N455) that I haven't loaded yet, a cast-off from a coworker, but it isn't that different from another Eee PC that I had, so I know it'll run fine. Netbooks make great BL machines.


#30 2018-05-20 09:15:32

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Re: The oldest machine running Bunsenlabs with/without hiccups?

Ok, let me revive this thread now, when bl-Helium is out. :-) Since debian stretch (and therefore bl-Helium) does not support i586, anymore, there is a chance to steal the prize from blinco. :-)

Anyway, I managed to install bl-Helium on my approx. 18-20 years old Acer Travelmate 210 (Pentium Celeron 700 MHz, 512 MB RAM, 10GB ATA HDD, Linksys Combe PCMCIA 10 Mbit/s network card, still has the BNC connector!). USB boot is of course not supported, so needed to add a new menuentry to the old GRUB like explained here:

The first boot was extremely slow, but the second one was ok, at least comparable to previous boots of Crunchbang. Before, I tried to install bl-Hydrogen on it, and even pure debian jessie, but somehow the grahics did not load, and needed to go back to CB. But apparently, bl-Helium now recognized the hardware properly, and it works, even if it is slow.

CLI, however, is still more or less snappy, uses only <50 MB memory after boot. I am rather surprised (and happy) that I managed to revive this machine with a very recent distro, even more so because wheezy LTS support ends in two weeks.

BTW, I use it in the basement to listen to music. And of course I only did it to check whether or not it is possible :-). E.g. Raspberry Pi has far more processing power than this machine.


#31 2018-05-20 15:11:18

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Re: The oldest machine running Bunsenlabs with/without hiccups?

lcafiero wrote:

I think blinco probably wins the thread. I use BL daily on a 64-bit machine, but my 32-bit BL hardware is an IBM ThinkPad T42, circa 2005ish, maxed out at 2GB RAM. It runs well.

I have that same exact Thinkpad T42 with same configuration (but upgraded the CPU to a 2.1 GHz Pentium-M) and I use it as a netbook that I take with me when I travel. Videos play well if I set the governor to performance. Originally it had AntiX on it, I wiped it and put BL Helium on and it runs like a champ.

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#32 2019-05-23 17:52:34

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Re: The oldest machine running Bunsenlabs with/without hiccups?

esprimo mobile v5535
Processor        : Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU          540  @ 1.86GHz
Memory        : 765MB (413MB used)
Operating System        : BunsenLabs GNU/Linux 9.8 (Helium)

I'm not sure what minimum spec is but I must be only just with in and it runs a little slow at times but its still faster than when it was windows XP

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#33 2019-05-23 20:07:20

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Re: The oldest machine running Bunsenlabs with/without hiccups?

A bit OT: Managed to get OpenBSD 6.4 running on an old PowerBook G4 from 2003 with 1 GHz PowerPC processor and 512 MB RAM. Mac OS X wouldn't boot anymore, so I tried different alternative operating systems (not that there are a lot, I think there are only two linux distributions left supporting PowerPC) and found OpenBSD to work the best. After installing X, tint2, Openbox, conky and feh, it uses ~90 MB when freshly booted and looks partly like bunsenlabs and is usable for browsing the web. Unfortunately, a lot of drivers are missing (no sound, no backlit keyboard, can't change screen brightness etc.). The biggest downside is the lack of binaries for powerpc, so that there is almost no software that still runs on this nice-looking machine. Compiling would take too long and almost certainly would fill the internal hard drive in an instant (apart from the big vs. little endian problem). So due to the processor's architecture, it's almost unusable even though it is newer than some of the machines mentioned here.


#34 2019-05-31 09:49:29

Colonel Panic
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Re: The oldest machine running Bunsenlabs with/without hiccups?

2006 machine here (a Packard Bell IMedia machine with a single core AMD 3800+ processor, 4GB of RAM and a 250 GB hard drive). Not the oldest but all the same it runs Bunsen just fine.


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