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Forum rules

There may be problems with receiving emails from us if you use a Microsoft-hosted email address for signing up. Please read the announcement on this issue before proceeding with a Microsoft email address (for example,,,, …).

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  1. General Guidelines
  2. Spam and Abuse Policy
  3. Privacy Policy
  4. Staff

General guidelines

  • The language of conversation is any flavour of English.
  • Be excellent to each other!
  • Do not use abusive or obscene language.
  • Ad-hominem attacks are not allowed.
  • Be patient and tactful towards other members.
  • If you are seeking help through our forums, always make sure to have done your fair share of homework by reading the Bunsen Labs Help Guide, and by searching the forums and other internet resources before posting your question. Please be considerate of other's time.
  • Keep individual threads on-topic and do not work towards derailing discussions. Notorious trolls will be banned.


  • Please make sure to choose a strong password you are not already using elsewhere.

Posting style guide

  • Try to use good grammar and spelling, and make your contributions as concise as possible. Remember that English is not the first language of many members.
  • Make yourself familiar with the available BBCode formatting options. A comprehensive guide is available.
  • Use [code] tags when pasting code or configurations into your post. For extremely long chunks of code, consider using a pastebin service. We recommend using
  • Do not embed images larger than 250x250px into posts, use thumbnails linking to a hosted image instead.
  • Quoting long posts in their entirety is considered poor forum etiquette. Please edit the "quotes" to the points of interest you are referring to.

Spam and abuse policy

  • Spam of any kind is strictly forbidden. This includes the vocal promotion of your own business. Spammers will be permanently banned without ado.
  • Any other violation of the forum rules may result in a permanent or temporary ban.

Privacy policy

We strive to operate BunsenLabs services in compliance with the rules of the European Union’s General Data Protection Rules. By accepting these rules, you consent to your personal information being recorded to the extent described below. Our records of your personal data are kept as minimal and insignificant as possible as to enable the operation of our service only.

By clicking “Accept”, you consent to this privacy policy.

Request logging at the load balancer level

Every HTTP request to the domain is logged in the following form and stored for one day in order to ensure that issues with request processing can be traced and resolved. IP addresses (remote address) are stored anonymized in any case (IPv4: lower 16 bits are set to zero as in, IPv6: lower 48 bits are set to zero as in fe80:24ed::).

  "time": "2018-05-04T13:17:47+02:00",
  "status": 200,
  "bytes_sent": 808,
  "bytes_received": 345,
  "request_method": "GET",
  "request_uri": "/",
  "http_user_agent": "Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:59.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/59.0",
  "scheme": "https",
  "server_name": "",
  "server_protocol": "HTTP/1.1",
  "uri": "/index.php",
  "host": "",
  "connection": 2198229,
  "remote_addr": "",
  "remote_port": 44740,
  "server_port": 443

Data used by the forum software

We use the FluxBB forum software to operate our forums. The software requires a certain set of personal information. Other pieces of information are optional and may be published by the user.

See below for a list of the mandated data and unconditionally stored metadata and the respective purpose of the data bits.

Mandatory user-provided data

  • Nickname: Handle defining the log in name and published when posting on the message board.

  • Email address: Required for manual account activation as an abuse countermeasure. Optionally used to subscribe the user to notifications/subscriptions.

Any other data the user provides by configuring his account in addition to the above (preferences, signatures, real names, website addresses, etc) is not essential but nevertheless stored in the backend database.

Collected metadata

  • IP address the user registered from: Used to lock out so-called banned IP ranges and IP addresses from registering in order to block abusive activity. Stored indefinitely.

  • IP address for each post: Used for blocking abusive posters.

Banned users

If you abuse our board (using the board in a manner which violates the terms set forth in this document), your IP address, email address and handle will be stored in perpetuity to prevent you from using our board. This is necessary since message board abuse is rampant and a huge problem for small communities such as ours, as moderating all use of the board is a very time-consuming task, and time is a scarce resource.

Third-party services using your data

We do not transmit your personal data to services other than listed below.

Google Captcha

During the registration process, a Google Captcha is used to ensure that an actual human is signing up and not a bot. Your browser will request data from and transmit data to Google’s servers. In the context of this interaction, Google’s privacy policy applies to its full extent.

You’ll be shown the text of this privacy policy before proceeding to the page the captcha is on (by clicking “Accept”), so if you do not consent to Google’s policy, please close or return from your current browser view. You can optionally contact the administrators at and request that an account be created for you manually so that you can avoid using Captcha.

Note that none of the details you entered into the registration form are actually being sent to the captcha service. SMTP service

All email traffic send to your from our forum system goes through the SMTP-as-a-service platform As such, SendGrid’s privacy policy and terms of service apply in this context.

Due to the nature of the email message format, while email messages may be encrypted in transit (our submission IS encrypted, whether your email provider accepts encrypted SMTP traffic depends on their specific configuration), email messages may include and SendGrid systems may see but not store or act on the following information:

  • Preliminary passwords or reset-password links;
  • Any message post in any forum or topic you’re subscribed to;
  • Any private message sent to you using the private messaging subsystem.
  • Your email address.

Only the first registration email is mandatory. You will not receive any other emails unless you explicitly opt-in to receive emails, optionally with message or post contents, on the privacy page in your personal settings.

Deleting your data

  • Any personal or profile data you submit to our service is immediately submitted to our database and will overwrite or delete any previous information. Please use this method to purge any such data by yourself. The old information will be part of our disaster recovery backups for two more days and then be deleted without a way to recover the data. All backups are stored in an encrypted form using a secure 4096-bit RSA key and are only accessible by the forum administrators.

  • Private messages (PMs) you sent to other users can be deleted from your inbox and outbox in the same manner.

  • For other kinds of deletion requests please contact the forum administrators at directly.

  • Note that due to the nature of this message board, even after deleting your personal information, any information you published may already have been seen, archived, copied or textually referenced by other messages on this board or any other internet service. Everything you post here should be thought of to have been announced to the world. Please do not use our board if you are not OK with that!

Disclaimer regarding linked content

  • The administrators of this board are not responsible in any way for consequences of any sort arising from following links to 3rd-party resources and websites placed on this board.
  • The administrators are not responsible for user-generated content which infringes upon the rights of third parties or which is illegal, according to German law. The administrators and moderators will however take action to remove and prevent the repeated posting of such content as soon as any issue in that regard comes to their notice.
  • In order to protect your privacy, our server sends the HTTP header ‘referrer-policy: same-origin’ to your browser to instruct it to not leak the referrer to third-party sites you visit by clicking links on our board. Note however that this policy may not be supported by the browser you’re using and therefore should not be taken for granted.


  • You can contact the forum administrator by sending an email to
  • Forum administrators are
    • johnraff
    • twoion (aka earlybird)
  • Forum moderators are
    • damo
    • hhh
    • Sector11

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