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Re: January 2021 Screenshots

@ PackRat  very nice colors.


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Re: January 2021 Screenshots

^ BL indigo theme; latest from hhh.

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Re: January 2021 Screenshots

sleekmason wrote:

I never use 90% of the keybinds myself, and use winfuncs for tidying up my screen while working.
Here's my normal state of affairs while working, lol.
Winfuncs cascade cleans it up! (lower left panel button.)

I'm sorry, I could never work in either scenario.
All windows scattered on a single desktop, helter skelter, partial overlaps... or all windows stacked in a cascade, still on a single desktop...

I generally use all 6 of my virtual desktops, and a window is usually 100% size or 50% (vertical split) or 25% (horizontal split of the vertical split), though a 50% horizontal split is also possible. I can do all that with openbox only, and with keybinds only.
But I am less disciplined than some, I still like to use stacking/floating by default, and only apply manual tiling when required. Best of both worlds.

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