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Re: BL homepage

rbh wrote:

I needed the Netinstall Script today.
I could not find the link on

It was removed this summer. Last archived version is: … ation.html

It was depublished because it was not up to date and working at the time of release. I think that johnraff asked me to re-add the section as now it's ready but I haven't done so yet.

Per aspera ad astra.


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Re: BL homepage

Through hardships to the stars.

Altered, but I think referenced in the Toy Story films... "To infinity, and beyond!"

Maybe a more literal translation... Per aspera ad astra... Through difficulty to a star. And that paraphrased is Metamorphosis by Kafke or some other prick. Hannibal Lecter said it in Silence of the Lambs...

"The significance of the moth is change. Caterpillar into chrysalis, (snidely) or pupa, (utterly sincerely and with reverence) from thence into beauty."

Thank you for attending my TED talk, my thesis presentation at Oxford is in a week.


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