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#1 2020-04-21 20:27:27

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BunsenLabs Lithium not installing.

I downloaded the distro twice with the same result.

the computer is a LENOVO M91P 16GB Ram  I7 processor

This computer has repeatedly installed Distros with no problems.  It installed BunsenLabs Helium properly.

When attempting to install BunsenLabs Lithium, the install get so locating networks, the screen goes blank and all installation stops.

I was able to use Rufus to install as a LIVE distro on USB and can run from that, but cannot install from that or a Live DVD.

Have not found a work around.  If this is intentional, then I understand, if not, there is a glitch.    thank  you.

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#2 2020-04-21 21:32:49
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Re: BunsenLabs Lithium not installing.

See this post: … 30#p100030
and the one following it.

Please report back.


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