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devuan bunsenlabs?

what'd be some nice ways to go about getting a bunsenlabs experience atop a devuan base?

i imagine simple repository switching/adding might not be the cleanest approach.

(sorry if wrong forum section to post in, seemed a likely ammicable place for such a question)


#2 2020-01-25 13:11:23

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Re: devuan bunsenlabs?

You might try adding our repo and installing the bunsen-* packages: … ed-install . You would likely need to match the devuan+debian+BL-releases (?? + 9 + helium), (?? + 10 + lithium).

Lithium (10) will have some binary packages, which will be compiled against Debian libraries, and of which I have no idea whether they are going to work or not.

Depending on how the finalized package deps of the bunsen-* packages are going to look like in Lithium/10, Lithium stuff might be uninstallable on anything that is not binary compatible with Debian 10.

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Re: devuan bunsenlabs?

If you are hoping for a non-systemd Debian experience, I can say that both MXLinux and antiX work well with early Lithium repos I tried.  I do not know about the current libs.  The folks on those distros do an excellent job of providing backports and keeping things sync'ed with Debian stable.

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