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Re: Repair Your System Using BunsenLabs Live and Chroot

Well owe tknomanzr another thanks for putting this how-to up. This has saved me mucho butt-aches and time. Straight forward, effective, is appreciated.

Just for the record, I also finally figured out why the BL.iso worked on LM 19.1 Cinnamon(32bit) but failed with the Mate version. Was due to the BL.iso being 32bit, the MATE install was 64b, supposedly someone can use this kickbutt live-session chroot goodness with a 64b iso to rescue a 32b OS but not the other way around. Am fairly sure there are ways to do it, multi-arch blahblah but just wanted to note this in case someone ends up running up against a similar situation.

Thanks Tknomanzr. smile

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