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Re: BunsenLabs film thread

twoion wrote:

Yesterday, we watched Serenity (2005).

Also, it's just a hunch, but I found the Expanse sci-fi novel series' Cptn. Holden and his gang to be eerily similar to the gang of Serenity, so I wouldn't rule out the former was inspired by the latter (at least to some degree).

I think the Expanse makers have been borrowing heavily from everywhere; I'm currently reading a book that has elements in it that remind me heavily of The Expanse. Come to think of it, it's well possible that Rajaniemi got inspiration from elsewhere... so maybe the Expanse makers stole it from Rajaniemi, who in turn stole it from some previous sci-fi writer... it's all good though.
Anyhow, the type of Serenity / Expanse series, I want more of!

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Re: BunsenLabs film thread

Have any of you seen the film called Melancholia
its a great film - a sort of science fiction psychological drama
hard to describe but its about how an artist who is about to get
married sees her future, and her artistic individuality, as a world
like the earth that is about to be obliterated by another world colliding into it
it's about how a marriage is two worlds colliding, It's about the depression
of losing your identity to others

heres the trailer

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