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#26 2015-12-14 04:41:46

Miss Mixunderstand
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Re: [no change]Default Thunar settings

^Sweet, thanks smile

Keep BunsenLabs #!yish please.


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Re: [no change]Default Thunar settings

johnraff wrote:

We're inheriting the Thunar preferences from CrunchBang and I'd like to check what people really want.
View>Location Selector: Does anybody prefer "Pathbar Style"? I change that to "Toolbar Style" immediately...
Preferences>Behaviour: I always change it to "Double click" - what do most people prefer?
Any other settings you always change?

I know this is trivial stuff, but those two settings annoy me every time I open a new install.

I like the traditional path style as default (is there a shortcut to toggle?)

I like the double click as default

I like "not showing hidden files" as default (Ctrl+h toggles the setting?)

This is completely off topic but could somebody invent "samba configurator for dummies" that two linux computers can share network files without great hassle and endless googleing? smile


#28 2016-07-13 18:59:30

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Re: [no change]Default Thunar settings

^ Thunar -> Help -> Contents

Keybinds are stored in '~/.config/Thunar/accels.scm'

If you have a question about another topic, then it would be best to start a new thread in the appropriate section wink

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