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List of Useful HowTo's

This new forum will eventually be populated with read-only help topics written by the BunsenLabs team, aimed mostly at more recent users.

For now, this post, which will later be extended and edited, contains some links to existing topics in other parts of the BunsenLabs Forums which might be useful.

Basic Help

Introduction to the BunsenLabs desktop.
What the various knobs, bells and whistles do, and how to tweak them.

HowTo: Install BunsenLabs with the Graphical Installer
A step-by-step guide.

Sources - sources.list and backports details
Making sure the right repositories are available.

BunsenLabs Theming 101
"Feel like personalizing your Hydrogen Openbox desktop? You've come to the right place."

Setting monospace, serif & sans-serif default fonts
Change your desktop-wide default fonts.

Dynamic menus on BunsenLabs - a comprehensive guide
If you don't want to edit your openbox menu when you add new applications.

How I Configured My BunsenLabs Desktop, by oswriter
An example of how one person customized their BunsenLabs setup.

Tweaks and scripts

There is plenty of good material in the Scripts, Tutorials & Tips section, so this is just a random selection from there and elsewhere on the forum.

Crunchbang Forum "Tips, Tricks & Scripts"
The CrunchBang forum is still a fantastic resource!

The Conky display is a signature element of the BunsenLabs desktop, and many conky experts inhabit these forums!
Here are two long threads packed with ideas:
Show us your conky
Conky weather+moon scripts

Graphical YouTube downloader
Wrapper script round youtube-dl.

"Close open windows" script for shutdown.
" catches those times when you forget to close virtualbox or something..."

Advanced Help

Taming "font overload"
Keep your fonts lists under control.

Use cases for gnome-keyring
It comes with BunsenLabs - why not use it?

Repair Your System Using BunsenLabs Live and Chroot
Just in case...

Compile a program from source and debug it

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