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No sound systray

I've got some problems with sound in bunsenlabs
There is no sound systray in tint2
Sometimes the sound (in VLC) becomes saturated, like in a very cheap loudspeaker : I have to reboot from the USB instal drive then again reboot the computer to get back a clean sound.

sudo alsactl init  gives
Found hardware: "HDA-Intel" "Intel Haswell HDMI" "HDA:80862807,80860101,00100000" "0x1043" "0x8534"
Hardware is initialized using a generic method


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Re: No sound systray

Try replacing volti for pavucontrol.

If poor quality sound persists you might consider purging pulseaudio and move to ALSA/Jack. Not for Skype users at first instance, but IIRC there are workarounds for that. I'm not an Skype user so I don't know the workarounds myself though I should have the howtos somewhere in my HD. I use to collect anything audio related (documentation) besides I always stay away from pulse. (Cadence from KXStudio is by far the best way to deal with audio, not the lightest, but the best. Mandatory in all my systems).

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Re: No sound systray

ericd13 wrote:

There is no sound systray in tint2

So you have sound but no icon?

What is the output of:

pstree|grep volti
cat ~/.config/openbox/autostart

Do you have a systray icon in the live environment?

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