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#1 2021-10-01 03:51:00

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[RESOLVED]mirror error message

I am installing Lithium 2.1 on an HP Compaq 6530b laptop and having a problem when the installation. The problem occurs with I reach the window titled:


Configure the package manager

My choices are:

Change Mirrors

If I select Retry, the window recycles and I get the same 3 choices

If I select Change Mirrors, the window recycles and I get the same 3 choices

If I select 'Ignore', the installation process continues and completes, but when I try to use apt to install packages, apt fails because I cannot connect with a mirror.

Note that my internet connection is working and the install process makes an internet connection early.

I have never seen behavior like this and I'm bewildered. Has anyone seen similar behavior? Are there any suggestions what the problem could be?

Jim A.

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#2 2021-10-02 13:35:01

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Re: [RESOLVED]mirror error message

It sounds as if you're using an outdated Lithium iso. There was a glitch in the Debian Installer which didn't become apparent till Debian Stretch Buster moved from Stable to Oldstable. The current Lithium 3 installer incorporates a newer debian Installer which copes with this:

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Re: [RESOLVED]mirror error message

> HP Compaq 6530b laptop <

It will run very nicely on that computer.  Which is newer that several of my HP Compaqs.

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Re: [RESOLVED]mirror error message

This is weird, but I moved the laptop to a different ethernet link on my LAN and I had no trouble finding a mirror when retrying the installation. To my knowledge the ethernet link where I had the problem has run without issue otherwise.


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