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Re: a simple video editor or cutter

@ leodova thanks for the tip I found a direct downlaod link for all 3 major
systems here i will certainly try this as it looks fast without quality loss
down link for linux mac and win
PS the file for linux is an appimage file

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Re: a simple video editor or cutter

@ brontosaurusrex I was just trying to watch the video on a usb stick on tv but I didn't want to disturb the sleeping people at home so I wanted to mute the sound and read the subtitles to understand what's going on...that was the reason I wanted to extract the subtitles with the video editor shutter encoder
and then put then in a file so I can add them with the remote control on tv....
anyway I was stupid enough to waste time doing it that way what I finally did (and this is  a bit less stupid) was I downloaded subtitles from the net and put the file in the usb stick with the movie...I don't have quality equipment to TV is just comparatively old.... 2007...
thanks for your time and all your great work  and I am really beginning to learn from all this....


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Re: a simple video editor or cutter

xuve wrote:

@ rbh yes I am glad I removed it from Lithium like some other applications too but I keep the ones that are useful for me...I am free to do this aren't I?

Of course. No one has said anything else. I just pointed out, that the subject line of this thread is "a simple video editor or cutter".

I am sending the files and re-opening the discussion of the problem why I removed it but I am just using windows 7 for this because it's the same problem on both systems (windows and Linux) and i am doing this because ohnonot asked for clarifications....Do you think I don't know the difference between forums for windows and this one...?!

I don't understand why you want to continue hijack the discussion "a simple video editor or cutter" and continue discuss your problem with encoding with shutter-encoder. And an off-topic discussion does not get on-topic only because someone else join it.
Why not open a thread about your problem?
And there IS difference between BunsenLabs Linux and Windows, even if there for some application can exist similarities.
So, if you want to attach logs/terminal outputs, take them from linux.

I am really happy to be on this forum so I learn from some people....but I have an experience (on windows macintosh and linux) as a user and I know what's useful for me....

Try to ponder about the concept: netiquett.

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