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#1 2021-08-21 18:34:05

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Simplifying the default menu structure

Currently there are four different places to adjust system settings and preferences. In the main menu Preferences and System, and under Applications System and Settings.

I think having in the main menu a single "Settings" entry, further divided into something like "System settings" and "Application settings" would be a lot clearer. Also I'd consider renaming Applications / System to "System tools" or "Utilities" - two menu entries with the same name is also somewhat less than extremely user-friendly.


#2 2021-08-21 18:57:51

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Re: Simplifying the default menu structure

Jgmenu, Menu Entry Applications... is the debian menu... Should be left as it is.

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Re: Simplifying the default menu structure

... I've yet to see a pure Debian menu with entry "BL-utilities"... wink


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Re: Simplifying the default menu structure

The "Applications" section is an automatically generated menu which shows all apps which put a *.desktop file in /usr/share/applications. This is like the Debian menu (does that still exist?) and many other auto-generated menus - Gnome, LXDE etc.

The rest of the BunsenLabs menu (displayed by jgmenu) is hand-made. It can be changed by users by editing ~/.config/jgmenu/prepend.csv (or Menu > Preferences > jgmenu > Edit Menu Content).

For adjusting settings, we recommend first trying the items we have created, under Menu > Preferences and Menu > System. We put a lot of time and effort into trying to make those submenus as useful as possible.

I agree that it's confusing that the "Applications" submenu also has a lot of settings entries, but as these are auto-generated there's little we can do about it. (The submenu titles there are also generated by jgmenu, not by BL.) Even if we found a way of suppressing those entries, there might be odd occasions when that section holds menu items a user needs. So Menu > Applications > Settings should really be thought of as a fallback when the built-in menu items under Preferences and System aren't enough.

But I quite agree that the menu right now is confusing in that way, and many YouTube first-time reviewers dive straight into Applications > Settings before checking out the more useful submenus below.

Changing our menu layout to Menu > Settings > User and Menu > Settings > System would not be impossible, though some people might prefer to have those items as close to the top level menu as possible, rather than going through another Settings submenu.

Anyway, suggestions for making it clearer that users are recommended to use M. > Pref. and M. > Sys., or any other suggestions for improving the menu layout, would be welcome!

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