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[SOLVED]Cannot login - Login page recycles

I have a fresh install of Lithium 2.1 on a 32-bit host. The installation seemed to go ok, but when I restart the computer:

   1) the BL login screen comes
   2) I try to login
   3) the login screen recycles, similar to if I typed in the wrong password.

I have tried the BL login screen multiple times to verify that it is not working.

If I restart the computer and login using the BunsenLabs tty login option my loginID/passwd work correctly.

Any suggestions on what I can try next?

Jim Anderson

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Re: [SOLVED]Cannot login - Login page recycles

My system crashed and the o/s software was messed up, hence I reinstalled BL on the host. After going through a few cycles of reinstalling the software and not being able to log in, I speculated that there could  have been damage done to my login directory. So, on my hard disk, I moved my login directory to a safe spot and then created a new, but empty login directory.

When I re-stalled BL again, I was able to log in. So something in my old login directory has gone bad. I will gradually move software from my old login directory to the new login directory and hopefully I can eventually isolate the real cause of my problem. For now, I have a working solution.


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Re: [SOLVED]Cannot login - Login page recycles

jjanderson5 wrote:

So something in my old login directory has gone bad.

One usual cause of not being able to log in is if there is not enough free space on home partition.

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Re: [SOLVED]Cannot login - Login page recycles

I've just installed bunsenlabs on a 32 bit box and set it up as a samba server. The default user works fine, but I'm having difficulty setting up another user. I've opened a terminal and done a useradd and I've set a password. I've also added the user to all of the same groups that the default user belongs to. However when I try to logon with the new user id (the new user is listed on the BL login screen) - the login screen recycles - not like with an incorrect password - there is no message. Is there something else I must do?


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