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Re: How to install Lithium with USB stick

On my Lenovo laptop I have to use a paperclip to press what they call the "NOVO button" to access BIOS. It's a small pinhole with a backwards arrow icon - on my laptop it's next to the power button.


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Re: How to install Lithium with USB stick

Jimbo_G wrote:

the "NOVO button" to access BIOS.

Yes, @GalacticStone, the Novobutton can be used to: "start the recovery system or the BIOS setup utility, or to enter the boot menu." Page 11 in Lenovo ideapad 2in1 14 User Guide

Furthermore: Your computer is EFI-based. On some EFI-based computers, it is possible to enter bios from the console, if it is booted with EFI.


sudo systemctl reboot --firmware

in terminal. Command:

bootctl status

, tells you if it is booted with EFI or not.

Btw, you started to write about problems with writing the iso to usb-pin, but all the time the problem was to boot the stick. You saw your Grub-menu from your harddisk and did not give that information...

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Re: How to install Lithium with USB stick

Aaaahhh yes, the Novo button. I forgot I had one. I didn't think this model had one because there is no button visible and I forgot about the little hole next to the power button. Now I recall using it exactly once. When I got this laptop, it has Windows on it and had to use that button to access BIOS then to get Ubuntu installed. I had since forgotten about that hidden button.

I am tied up again until the weekend, so I will give it another shot then.  smile

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