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Re: Wallpaper change not save after login

hathor wrote:

oboinus is a valid alternative

An oldish thread I know, but this problem still persists.

I'd never heard of oboinus and as I'm on Helium I thought I'd try this and thankfully it worked for me. (I couldn't even begin to understand the feh instructions here and elsewhere).

I just took the spaces out of the command to autostart Nitrogen on the .config/openbox file and added the same command (with spaces obviously) for oboinus:

sleep 1&& oboinus --restore

If I can do it, it must be easy!


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Re: Wallpaper change not save after login

I found a solution to Nitrogen refusing to keep new background image after restart.

Autostart is found here..
/home/gene(insert your own unique-user-home-directory name here)/.config/openbox/autostart

I found within the autostart file, if I moved ...

## Set a wallpaper
nitrogen --restore

so it was below

## Start the Conky session (the default conkyrc will run if no sessions have been set)
bl-conky-session --autostart &

it did change the wallpaper to my new wallpaper image file,
but there was a second-or-so delay.
I found this delay to appear as a 'glitch'. Sort of unprofessional.
So I moved it back to where it was.

I found this next method to be more satisfactory....

My unique-user-home-directory is called 'gene'.
My new background image is called 'rapciu_fresh.jpg'

(Replace these 'variables' with your own unique-user-home-directory name,
and your own new-background-image name.
I used 1 image, scaled to fill entire screen.
I had already defined the new image in the Nitrogen GUI,
and the Nitrogen GUI showed my new image as the new default background.
(Although the new background wasn't displayed between computer restarts, as so many others have also found.)

1. Navigate to ...


2. replace the name of the background image under the [xin_-1] script,
so it is the same as the new image file you WANT to see.(see example below)
I found swapping the mode numbers (see below) DOES NOT help.



It is possible I guess, to simply navigate to the bg-saved.cfg file
and replace the default image listed there, with your preferred new image, including the pathway.
This might even replace any effort you have gone through with Nitrogen just to find out it didn't work.
Something for the next person to try.

I'd say this issue is a bug.
New background image selection is written to the bgsaved.cfg file, but it is not read correctly after restarts ??



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