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TIP: light-locker behavior and the i915 graphics driver

I reported a problem a few months ago where light-locker behaves poorly for some hardware here.  I recently purchased a new-used laptop with the same graphics driver and same problem and it appears that the problem has to do with how light-locker/lightdm plays with the i915 driver.

I suspect that there are a lot of machines out there with the i915 graphics driver so here are two workarounds that I have found to work.

  • Install the backported kernel (currently 5.5.0)

  • Switch the greeter to slick-greeter following this github comment

While there is of course some risk associated with a backported kernel, I have opted for the former -- slick-greeter is not nearly as pretty as the bunsenlabs modification of the lightdm-gtk-greeter. smile


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