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#1 2020-06-04 10:59:45

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[SOLVED] Upgrade my Bunsen installation


my son want to use our old laptop to get his first computer experience wink - so I thought I update this laptop to the latest (possible) bunsen version which runs on this laptop.

So I think I'm running the first bunselabs version, was it hydrogen? Below are some outputs from the terminal.

So the question is how can I update this machine to the latest version?

Helium is the latest one, correct? So should I only change the apt sources.list and add

deb helium main

...this isn't enough, is it?

Thanks for your help.

heart@laptop:~$ bl-pkg-versions 
Package                        apt version  git version 

bunsen-common                  8.9.2-1                  
bunsen-configs                 8.8.11-1.1               
bunsen-conky                   8.3.1-2                  
bunsen-docs                    8.1-2                    
bunsen-faenza-icon-theme       8.2-1                    
bunsen-images                  8.7-1                    
bunsen-keyring                 2019.01.19+bl8-1             
bunsen-meta-all                8.0-5                    
bunsen-os-release              8.9-1                    
bunsen-pepperflash             8.0-1                    
bunsen-pipemenus               8.11.4-1                 
bunsen-themes                  8.3.1-2                  
bunsen-thunar                  8.0-1                    
bunsen-utilities               8.8.3-1                  
bunsen-welcome                 8.14.3-1                 
heart@laptop:~$ cat /etc/debian_version 
heart@laptop:~$ uname -a
Linux laptop 3.16.0-4-686-pae #1 SMP Debian 3.16.51-2 (2017-12-03) i686 GNU/Linux

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#2 2020-06-04 23:16:29

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Re: [SOLVED] Upgrade my Bunsen installation

Easiest answer is to install our latest Lithium build instead, so that you're current with Debian Stable...

Only 64bit so far, but all the BL packages are 32bit compatible, so you can install Debian Buster 32bit and then install 'bunsen-meta-all'.

-edit- Sorry for the indirect answer. Yes, you can upgrade hydrogen to helium (and to lithium after that) but there are issues along the way. Yes, change your main BL source to 'helium' and your main Debian source to 'jessie', disable your other sources, run 'sudo apt upgrade' and then start a new thread so we can talk you through the damage. smile BTW, the damage should be minor, but you'll still be one release back from buster, which is why I suggest a re-install.

-edit2- You'll find primary sources (Debian) in /etc/apt/sources.list and secondary sources (like BunsenLabs) in the files in /etc/apt/sources.list.d


#3 2020-06-06 16:03:21

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Re: [SOLVED] Upgrade my Bunsen installation

Ok - upgraded to Helium (Debian9) successfully!

Had to deal with a "no space left" on root partition problem in the middle of the dist-upgrade process but got it sorted angel

After upgrading I've set the openbox GUI and the Userinterface to the Helium Theme and I think everything works and looks as it should  cool

Thanks again!


#4 2020-06-06 16:27:25

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Re: [SOLVED] Upgrade my Bunsen installation

Good to hear you had success, enjoy!

Later on when you feel adventurous you can try to upgrade to Lithium smile

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