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Boot a lithium USB on an Apple product?

I've never used Apple products. My workplace uses Apple products, mostly laptops, and a lot of Apple software, primarily Upserve (formally Breadcrumb), we're a restaurant.

They also use Amazon a lot, and the sound system is Sonos, a system that sounds like crap, has crap build quality and, as the recent "recycle mode" that bricks the unit has proven, is crap on morals. BTW,  we're a vegan-friendly brunch/coffee shop that tries to be progressive in our appearance. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. The owner is 100% a good guy, he's just treading the water between being socially conscience and making a profit.

I'd love to LIVE boot BL lithium on somebody's laptop. I haven't sifted through the Internet yet, I was hoping to get some advice here first. Do Apple laptops even have USB ports any more? What model should I look for to demonstrate BL on? How do I get to the boot menu on startup?

I have no intention of converting them to Linux, I just want to show off BL.

Thanks for any help.


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