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Etcher won't run

Hey guys. I downloaded etcher from their website and extracted the zip file to my home directory file= balenaEtcher-1.5.66-x64.AppImage.

When I click on it nothing happens. I followed all the advice online regarding missing dependencies but it turns out all those were already installed on my system. I would like to get this working because the dd command just doesn't create a reliable bootable iso for me. I do use gnome-multi-writer and it always works but it always gives me nasty file access errors.

If anyone uses etcher and can give install advice it would be greatly appreciated.


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Re: Etcher won't run

AFAIK Etcher is a "bloated frontend for dd", as someone here once said!

For creating bootable isos BL recommends using cp or dd, which have been the go-to methods for most of us. And Debian also recommends win32diskimager for windows machines.

You say that dd doesn't produce "reliable" results? What is the command you have been trying?

EDIT: there is a deb package available - … nux-x86x64. Whether that borks your Stable system is something you can discover for yourself! Try just downloading the deb, and using gdebi - it will tell you if there are dependency problems.

EDIT2: The Etcher download is a 90MB zip archive! No thanks hmm

(dd is part of coreutils, which is a total of 15MB)

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Re: Etcher won't run

makarovnik wrote:

doesn't create a reliable bootable iso for me

Which iso?


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Re: Etcher won't run

fwiw... I generally find dd to be the most reliable approach in producing bootable isos.  For MX & antiX, antiX/MX LiveUSB is best. For *buntu variants sometimes only unetbootin seems to works. For other failures I encounter when initially using dd, I need to go with Suse Imagewriter or Etcher.

For me at least, there is no 100% usable solution.

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Re: Etcher won't run

makarovnik wrote:

Hey guys. I downloaded etcher [...] because the dd command just doesn't create a reliable bootable iso for me.

I don't know if you actualey tried to do what you wrote...

Etcher is a frontend for dd, to transfer iso filesystem from for instance an iso file to an usb disk.
That is usable to boot live dist / start install, from usb-disk instead of CD/DVD.

You shall not crate an iso-file if you want to bootfrom usb-disk...

What's the command you use with dd?

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