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Useful links to docs and tutorials

This thread is for those online docs that you've found useful or enlightening, or that explained something you didn't previously understand properly, or anyway that you think is worth preserving for others, or possibly might want to refer to in the future without having to search the whole forum for a certain link you found a year ago...

Please add a bit of info about why it's so useful, not just a plain link!

Anyway, here's one I've just read about mounting permissions and polkit, which goes in to the whole topic quite thoroughly:



  • Kernel-based permission checks are not sufficiently fine-grained to be able to express some quite reasonable security policies

  • Fine-grained access control needs domain-specific understanding

  • The kernel doesn't have that information (and neither does dbus-daemon)

  • The privileged service that does the domain-specific thing can provide the domain-specific understanding to turn the request into an action

  • polkit evaluates a configurable policy to determine whether privileged services should carry out requested actions

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Re: Useful links to docs and tutorials

I cant remember the exact place that got me out of trouble on the internet now but i had used cfdisk from a live session to resize a multiboot partition, bad idea. So it involved booting to the live session again and using learning various fsck tools in linux because the partition sda5 now had inconsistency in the block sectors and it would not boot.

The only method that fixed this was to use resize2fs.

First search for a backup block with maybe this ..

dumpe2fs /dev/sda5 | grep -i superblock

Not really a how to this thread so i will end it there, it pays to read up on file system recovery methods such as fsck, mke2fs, dumpe2fs, resize2fs etc.. … resize2fs/


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Re: Useful links to docs and tutorials

When troubleshooting old, oddball, and otherwise cranky hardware that's refusing to boot properly, and you want to find the kernel parameter to get shot of the error:

This is the resource: … eters.html

Also useful to get rid of errors that go past but don't stop you booting, but still annoy you.

Rest of the document is also very useful, especially if you ever have a need to compile a custom or really new kernel.

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Re: Useful links to docs and tutorials

^ choose your kernel version here:
one can also use this: … meters.txt - apparently always the current, newest git version.


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