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Using the 4.18 Kernel - seems too easy!

It's the season to be jolly so I've treated myself to a new PC which will arrive tomorrow smile
A nice new Intel NUC, latest gen coffee lake processor and lots of other goodies such as thunderbolt 3, nvme, Octane support, 3.1 10gb USB, Iris Plus graphics etc.

I could wimp-out and throw a rolling release on there (I rather like Tumbleweed) to get the latest Kernel but I'm very attached to BL and want to continue running it on the new machine, pulling across all of my backed up configs, but I need something newer than 4.9 for the hardware.

looking at the Debian wiki suggests I can use Synaptic to select a new Kernel and install as usual, so I did on my current 2012 Dell by way of experiment - and the system now boots using the 4.18 Kernel and everything seems to work just fine.

Is it really that easy?
Surely I have missed something?


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Re: Using the 4.18 Kernel - seems too easy!

it proabably means you already have backports enabled.
beyond that, yes, it really is that simple.


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