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pulseaudio problem

hi folks,

i run bl since a long time without sound problems.

last weeks i had a hardware problem with my laptop (thinkpad t410s) make it short bought new ultrabay adapter and new ssd, installed to latest bl: bl-Deuterium-amd64_20170429.iso

now i got a pulseaudio problem. sometimes it gets stuck, sound just stops working. then after 2-5 min i works again. when the sound is stuck and i do s+v pulseaudio says: "Establishing connection to pulseaudio. please wait"

the problem seems to happen radomly.

Can anybody help?


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Re: pulseaudio problem

susu wrote:

the problem seems to happen radomly

That would seem to suggest a hardware-related problem.

If you load up our ISO image and test in the "live" environment, does the problem still occur?

Perhaps also compare the `lspci` output from a working and non-working system, the audio device may be dropping off the bus.

You could also check this command after an occurrence of the problem:


If it makes no sense to you, upload it to and post a link here.

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