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Re: Distro-hoppers anonymous

Yes, please move the post to the appropriate location.

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Re: Distro-hoppers anonymous

Hope you guys remember me hahahah. I've been busy
with work and with updating my knowledge of unix/linux

On the subject of distro hopping I am running
Bunsenlabs on one machine at the moment
but I have been really impressed with Void Linux
I really do love Bunsenlabs, it's not just the actual distro
It's the knowledge and the dedication you guys have.
When I really need to know something all roads for me
lead back to this forum.

Anyway, I can tell you that, to be honest I'm sort of on the side
of people who mistrust systemd and so have been messing with pretty much EVERY
non-systemd linux distro and unix variant possible
From MX Linux to openindiana and everything inbetween
I doubt you could name a non-systemd distro I have not now tried
They have their faults, it's true
Some are too complex to install, others are lacking a decent knowledge base
some lack a decent package manager
I am often tempted to just accept systemd is here to stay
I know it prolly wont happen but my greatest hope is that you guys get a
non-systemd version of Bunsenlabs going, though I think I read another thread
where you said it would likely never happen

ANYWAY I just thought I'd say that the two best non-systemd OS's I found were Illumos openindiana and Void Linux. I've really done my research on non-systemd OS's to the extent of my limited knowledge and needs

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Re: Distro-hoppers anonymous

I've too been messing with non-systemd distributions.

  • Void is really nice

  • Alpine is very minimal and is becoming really great for desktop use

  • I've also tried Kiss Linux, Dylan Araps is a very talented and dedicated guy. But compilation id a very time-consuming process and does not give many performance improvements

    And in the end I came back on Debian/BunsenLabs. Stable is really nice for me. To have an OS which does not change and works without too many tweaks is a must-have. Too much stuff to do in Life 1.0.

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Re: Distro-hoppers anonymous

When i started my journey on Linux systemd it hadn't yet infected major distros like Arch, Debian or even Fedora for end-users.

While i was in #! (Waldorf) also on testing (Janice) felt the first systemd transitions, at first i didn't accept it, but i got used to it on my daily tasks.
Since Janice never saw the light of day unfortunately. I was able to move on Debian Jessie, thanks to users/tutorial from #! forum managed to install my first custom NETINST.

So, I learned to survive and live with systemd, For two years i used systemd. In the meantime, time after time i saw that another system was emerging. That was Dev1, while i had an eye there, one day decided to give it a try. At first I liked the fact that the ISO was only 220MB. I'm really obsessed with distro size, less the better. Once i installed Dev1 My first impression was. Well that's Debian Wheezy or Crunchbang Waldorf that i was used to have fun.
I installed it and from that day one of my desktops is with it. However, sometimes i go to Install Debian like 10.3 i did few days ago, however already i can't find myself there anymore for many reasons.

systemd has brought a lot of benefits and facilities to users or mostly new users, at the same time has separated some others because of it's policies or the other standarts she wants to decide to made.

The reason i don't use BunsenLabs is because of systemd sorry, but i was part of this forum for many years. I have seen many hours of works and adjusts, my dear BL friends have done over the years, despite not using it, I congratulate and wish them only to achieve every possible purpose or exemplary achievement.

To make BL non systemd, I see ther's no point to make another non-systemd distro. It requires a great deal of energy or resources of people available.
Everybody who use it, enjoy the BL cake as it is imo!

My primary distro now is FreeBSD, I'm still new to this system or BSD-derivates, but I'm glad I took the first steps on BSD.

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