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disabeling screensaver and/or lock time

I would like to change the behavior on, when and how the screen locks/blacks out.
Is there any entry in the main menu I haven't found so far?

My goal:
When I have an application in full screen, then I don't want any screen saver or lock-screen behavior.
(Use case: watching a vid, reading a pdf, etc.)

I have read this:
I don't want to install extra things if possible (I want to edit the current settings).
I can't find any xorg.conf file, not under ~/.conf/ ~/ /usr/lib/X11/ nor /etc/X11/ (thus, I haven't found it so far, if there is any).


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Re: disabeling screensaver and/or lock time

Menu -> Preferences -> Power Management

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Re: disabeling screensaver and/or lock time

...-> Display


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