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YaCy is a distributed /search engine/crawler/indexer that works on a peer-to-peer principle. I wondered if any of you guys had experimented with running a YaCy server on your bunsenlabs ?
I did but only on my 1GB of mem Lenovo ThinkCentre with a dual core processor (dont want to use my quadcore thats too easy). It wasnt enough. It kept running out of memory and seizing up, however, undaunted, I aim to try increasing the RAM to 4 GB but RAM is expensive these days. If any of you have tried YaCy let me know what your experience was like. I like YaCY I really think it could be a way forward to beat the google monopoly

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Re: YaCy

I've run YaCy on a couple of occasions over the years. A few observations:
* Having one's own search index is simply revolutionary. It makes the internet more like a custom database. It cuts out lots of noise and brings things one cares about into the foreground.
* YaCy doesn't work well if, say, you want to look up movie show times or the number of a local restaurant. However, if you track several forums, blogs, magazines, etc., it can be great.
* Scraping is RAM hungry. It also, if scrapes more than a handful of websites, eats disk space. I tried a lot to tweak it but was never really happy.

To me, the first and second points outweigh the RAM and disk expense.


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