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This is a great program, its good to be able to save a complete web page as just one html document.

A data hoarder's dream come true: bundle any web page into a single HTML file.
You can finally replace that gazillion of open tabs with a gazillion of .html files stored somewhere on your precious little drive.

Unlike the conventional "Save page as", monolith not only saves the target document, it embeds CSS, image, and JavaScript assets all at once, producing a single HTML5 document that is a joy to store and share.

If compared to saving websites with wget -mpk, this tool embeds all assets as data URLs and therefore lets browsers render the saved page exactly the way it was on the Internet, even when no network connection is available.

This is not in the debian repositories though, would need to be compiled from source.

Edit: i tried this on void linux today and it worked fine, unfortunatly the version of cargo in debian stretch and buster needed to compile this program is out of date. One to watch though. There is a snap package you can use though if you have snap installed.

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Re: Monolith

Great. Thanks.


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Re: Monolith

This looks like just what I want, now that my favourite Firefox extension Scrapbook is defunct.
Pity about cargo.

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