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#1 2019-08-05 20:21:16

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xfce chrome bookmark listbox view issues

This bug did not exist before, on an old crunchbang & google-chrome/chromium installation. But when I updated that install with newer packages the bug emerged.

Screenshot: … sp=sharing

Whenever either of the following actions occurs, the listbox pans to the top of the list:
(1) A new subfolder created and named.
(2) Any folder expanded. Only the first time a folder is expanded it pans to the top.

It is very annoying as each time you have to scroll all the way down to where you were in the hierarchy to select the right folder for the bookmark.

Sorry 'listbox' might not be the right widget name. I don't know what 'gui' framework could be responsible for the bug. I don't think it is chromium, though IIRC when chromium was updated the bug emerged (many years ago). Could be an xfce thing or whatever, I don't know things to change to get this bug to go away. I've tried changing the openbox appearance/style settings and the bug still exists.

I'm now using the latest bunsenlabs iso: bl-Helium-4-i386.iso and updated a bit. I'm bummed this bug still exists.

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Re: xfce chrome bookmark listbox view issues

Chrome uses its own embedded toolkit (Aura) to draw that dialog and define its behaviour, not GTK. You'll see that if you drag the Chrome window with the dialog open, the dialog stays fixed relative to the window. If you changed Chrome/Chromium versions during the upgrade, chances are that this is a change in Chrome and not the rest of the environment.



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