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helium 5 - route command not found

I am installing Bunsenlabs helium-5 (64-bit) on a stand alone PC and have found the networking different than what I have seen on previous Bunsenlabs/Debian installations.

The following are examples of commands that I entered with
root privleges, but which did not work:


# route

I get

route: Command not found.


# ping

I find that ping works successfully. But if I:

# ping jolly

I get:

ping: jolly: No address associated with jolly

even though my /etc/hosts file contains:


(3) When I click on the VPN icon to set up the VPN, I get a standard VPN menu that I have seen in the past, but when I click on "VPN Connections", and select "Add a VPN Connection", a screen pops up that says, "Choose a VPN Connection Type", but the available choice list is empty (note that I was expecting to see 'add an ethernet' connection'). The screen says that I may not have the correct VPN plugin installed, but I have no idea how to install an ethernet plugin or where to find it.


# ifconfig

I get:

ifconfig: command not found

(5) when I edit /etc/revolv.conf, the only entry in the file is

# Generated by NetworkManger

I find this rather odd, because historically this address has been used by LAN routers. Technically, this setting is not wrong, but it is strange.

Note also that I re-installed the system 3 times trying to get my network setup and ran into these types of problems each time. On the 4th try, I did not try to set up the network. Instead, I fired up firefox and found that it works out of the box, i.e. the network was already configured for me.

This is good shortterm because I am creating a simple Linux box for someone. All they want is access to the web using firefox.

But down the road, I know I'm in for real problems when I next try to add a Crunchbang node to my LAN.

I have gone into several directions trying to figure out what is going on here, and I feel like Alice just after falling into the rabbit hole. It looks to me like the networking strategy has changed to provide more secure networks, but I cannot get a handle on what the strategy is and how to bring it together. I see lots of documentation on individual networking commands but no overview of the network strategy and setup. I cannot see the forest from the trees (my apologies for using 2 allegories in one paragraph).

Am I doing something totally wrong during the install?  I don't think so. The install seems to go normal and the system comes up fine. It is only when I go into the networking commands that I am running into issues.

My ultimate question is whether someone can explain the drastic change in networking?

A secondary question is whether this change is implemented in Debian, or limited to Bunsenlab's crunchbang?

Jim A.


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Re: helium 5 - route command not found

ifconfig is part of the deprecated net-tools package. It was superceded by ip and friends from the iproute2 package a while ago.

And looking at the structure of /etc/hosts, it looks like you should have   jolly 

Perhaps you need to read, which should answer many of your questions.

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Re: helium 5 - route command not found


Thanks for you reply!

You resolved item (2) - That was a dumb error on my part. I know better but was moving along too fast.

You resolved item (4) - ifconfig is gone and replaced.

I read the article that you pointed me to and that resolved item (1), i.e. route is also deprecated and replaced with:

ip route show

I apologize for being behind the times. I don't install linux too often these days and I still rely on past knowledge. I'm more than happy to move forward with new technology, but it takes time.

Ok, 3 down, 2 to go (item (3) and item (5)). Hopefully, more replies will come in.



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Re: helium 5 - route command not found

(5) is not necessarily a router, any device at that address that was configured using DHCP as the DNS server can have that an address. That being said, unless your localhost is also your gateway, cross check with `ip route show default` and that address should also be the next hop in your default route.

It might show something like

default via dev wlp3s0    proto dhcp            metric 600
^ route     ^ next hop   ^ lan device  ^ configured via dhcp ^ given multiple routes to X, the route with the lowest metric will be used.

If in doubt just show your entire

ip route show
ip addr show

Per aspera ad astra.


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