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#1 2019-05-26 15:32:40

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HP doesn't automatically recognize the boot drive after unplug

Hello all,
I have a HP x360, with a BL Helium installed.

A few days ago I had to test an hard disk so I unplugged mine and put that one. After I plugged mine back I had a "no bootable hard drive found". Now every time I need to go to the BIOS boot loader and manually navigate through hard disk > bunsenlabs > grubefi.exe (something like that)

I tried enabling and disabling the legacy mode and EFI from bios, set the hard drive as primary shoice for boot... nothing. The /boot/efi has the boot flag, /boot doesn't, can that be the problem?

Thanks, I searched around but couldn't find nothing that applied here!


#2 2019-06-21 21:50:21

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Re: HP doesn't automatically recognize the boot drive after unplug

I've read somewhere,on other post, the guys computer had an option in BIOS setup where he can enter the folder/file path for UEFI boot file. Have you checked yours? Maybe after you removed your original drive and did not see file, it removed it from the list and now had to be manually entered and saved to properly boot again.


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