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Re: GIMP 2.10.10 for Helium and other Stretch-based distros

stevep wrote:

First to the poster that never replied as to what libbabl they were using: they had installed an older version of that from deb-multimedia which posed as a newer version because of DMO's shenanigans with epochs in the version. I can tell that now from the error.

As for mypaint, I have a fixed version of that in the MX repo that can live with the new GIMP, which is now up to 2.10.10 in the MX test repo and the OBS repo.  I'll add it to my OBS repo, too. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear the fix has made it into Debian, though I got it from a Debian bug report.

Hi Stevep, that was me that reported the  thing but as I don't have that install anymore as I accidently trashed the VM I had installed  it to. Sorry about that as this thread fell to the bottom till it was bumped. I may retest it soon once I have a stable place to live (and set up my equipment.

I hate it when DMO pulls nonsense like that.

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