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Anyone tried Steamplay Proton in BL?

Been awhile. My last two laptop purchases have happened while I've been on the fly, and i became interested in gaming again for the first time in almost two decades so i just kinda got lazy and stayed with winblows.  free netflix tech news android 9

I think proton is about to change that.

My first choice would be BL. I used to use Xubuntu a lot. I've never tried Mint but have always wanted to. Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone's rocking Win games in Steam on !# yet? Am i still allowed to call it that?

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Re: Anyone tried Steamplay Proton in BL?

Hello and welcome back!
no, you're not allowed to call it #! anymore. It's BL now.
and it's based on debian stable, which is debian 9 atm, so i suggest you search around for that. if it's possible for debian, it's also possible for bunsenlabs.

a quick search suggests that this is in beta status still, so unlikely to be readily available for debian stable.
some folks here on the forums are already working on bunsenlabs for buster, i.e. testing atm.

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Re: Anyone tried Steamplay Proton in BL?

Proton is available with any Steam client for you to try. Steam ships its own runtime libraries so the distro shouldn't matter that much.

Join the Steam client beta channel in Settings>Account; restart. Then in Settings>Steam play enable Steam play for only supported titles (a few) or all Windows titles (YMMV).


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