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Black screen on boot *solution*

This pertains (mainly, as far as I know) to Intel graphics cards - especially ones in laptops.

It's a common problem: you install BunsenLabs (or any other Debian based distro of choice) and all goes well - until your first boot after installation, when you get a black screen. Nothing seems to work. You can CTRL-ALT-F1/2/3 etc to get a TTY login, but Xorg is just black.

I have seen a number of people trying different things, but nothing that gives the actual cause and solution. Well, this is something I have known about for some time smile

The cause is actually grub.  Yes, grub.  It leaves the graphics card in an unstable state after booting and Xorg can no longer work with it.  This is not just restricted to BunsenLabs, but Ubuntu, Debian, etc all suffer the same problem.

Fortunately, the solution is really, really simple. You just run grub in text mode.

The steps:

  • CTRL-ALT-F1 to get a TTY login

  • Log in as your user, and edit the default grub configuration

  • Rebuild the grub files

  • Reboot

$ sudo vi /etc/default/grub [or use your editor of choice]

Find the line:


and uncomment it (remove the #). Save and exit.

$ sudo update-grub
$ sudo reboot

And there you have it - no more black screen with Intel cards.

Hope this helps people pulling their hair out when installing BL on their little old laptop...

(If you're suffering a black screen *whilst* trying to install, that's a different problem. Well - it may be. Or at least it's a different solution since you can't easily change grub on the DVD - so just do a text-based install?)

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Re: Black screen on boot *solution*

Hi there,

I have given your fix a go as I have been experiencing black screen on 50% of my boot ups / restores from suspend.

I will update the post in case this solves it.


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