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Reproducing Thunar freeze


Thunar runs fine. However, in one situation it freezes (I did not found an answer on this special case on the forum).

1. Suppose MyFolder that contains some files as 1.mp4, 2.mkv etc.
2. Open the MyFolder with Thunar.
3. Remove a file like 2.mkv with 'shred -vuzfn 4 2.mkv'
4. After the file was successfully deleted, Thunar appears to be frozen.
5. Many click on the Close button etc. a popup appears with the option to 'end process'.

I've done this many times and on different machines with Helium installed: the results were always the same.

BTW thanks for the great distro!

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Re: Reproducing Thunar freeze

Yes, I can reproduce Thunar freezes reliably too. Run pbuilder to generate a bunch of files in a directory while Thunar is open. It only seems to happen for me with puilder, but it seems from searching that any process that suddenly creates or deletes files will do the same. I haven't yet tested whether it makes a difference if Thunar is displaying a completely different directory, or something on a different (but mounted) drive...

It seems to be worse with the Thunar 1.6.11 that comes with Debian Stretch, than it was before.
There are various bug reports on the web, eg Debian #884799

Thunar 1.6.11 regularly stops responding when
scripts or custom actions manipulate contents of directories opened with
Thunar on my main Debian Stretch system. With Thunar 1.8.2 this seems
not to happen...

There are a lot of open bugs for Thunar 1.6.11 and several of them look similar.

Unfortunately backporting Thunar is not likely to be simple because of its various dependencies, so I'm just planning to wait till 1.8.2 comes with Debian Buster.

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Re: Reproducing Thunar freeze

I have nothing useful to add apart from having observed that Thunar of Helium has antics I have never seen before. It has frozen on me a number of times but I have not had time to research what actions on my part leads to this.


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Re: Reproducing Thunar freeze

Just a thought, I've always found thunar behaved better with the auto volume management turned off, might it be related maybe?
As to backporting, I've always tended to the view either the simple backport creation method on the Debian wiki work.. or wait for next release or an official backport.. with the Buster freeze so close option waiting looks good.

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Re: Reproducing Thunar freeze

I have managed to backport Thunar 1.6.15 to Stretch some time ago and haven’t tested this situation yet on this version. What I did was backport the dependencies then Thunar itself.

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