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Chromium and setting the time/date

First, how do I adjust the date and time on Helium?

Second, Chromium won't open on my computer.  It has also disappeared from the menu bar at the bottom left of the screen.  I have tried right clicking on the screen and opening Chromium via the Applications menu option, but nothing happens.  I can see that there is no increase in CPU usage when I attempt to open Chromium.  What can I do to get Chromium to work properly?


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Re: Chromium and setting the time/date

Time and date can be set with the timedatectl command. For usage see

$ man timedatectl

Start the browser from a terminal and see what the output says

$ chromium

NB This is usually the first step in any case with a problem. Also have  a look at messages in ~/.xsession-errors

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