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Kali Linux - Installation failed

Hello all,
I am looking for a career in Linux. So, I am preparing to undergo Linux training in Chennai.  I was trying to install Kali Linux OS yesterday, but it keeps on showing Installation failed error. Has anyone here installed Kali Linux OS? What could've gone wrong? Can you please help me out?

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Re: Kali Linux - Installation failed

Preethi12 wrote:

...What could've gone wrong?

A hundred things could have gone wrong. You need to tell us a lot more exact details about the whole procedure you tried. I presume you have looked at the kali documentation.

And I sincerely hope that your career in linux doesn't involve wearing a black hat? hmm

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Re: Kali Linux - Installation failed

Maybe is not what are you looking for but, did you try with virtualbox?


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Re: Kali Linux - Installation failed

It's my impression that Kali is meant to be run as a Live distro from a pendrive. Can you do that?

It's definitely not meant to be an everyday desktop distro. You can learn all about Linux using one of those instead of Kali.

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Re: Kali Linux - Installation failed

I have managed to install Kali on quite a few laptops/desktops both full installs and VM guests. As above - I think Kali is a bad idea as a full install distro unless you keep one machine dedicated ONLY to pentesting/hacking used ONLY when pentesting/hacking.

Separate working environment from personal space, especially with Kali.

If you cannot have a separate machine for Kali I would install some kind of Debian (bunsenlabs!) for learning and then Kali in a VM.

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