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#201 2018-11-27 03:34:38

From: Nagoya, Japan
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Re: jgmenu

I've been using jgmenu's "ob" mode for some time as a replacement for the openbox menu, and this upgrade makes it perfect. Thank you!

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#202 2018-12-07 19:07:40

tint2 developer
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Re: jgmenu

jgmenu keeps getting better! Congratulations!


#203 2018-12-07 21:07:51

jgmenu developer
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Re: jgmenu

@o9000 great to hear from you!


#204 2018-12-08 02:49:37

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Re: jgmenu

Tint2 is great so need to try jgmenu too smile

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#205 2018-12-08 14:52:37

From: Casablanca
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Re: jgmenu


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#206 2019-01-05 10:33:06

jgmenu developer
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Re: jgmenu

jgmenu v1.6 has been released and is in the backports.

Updates since v1.5 include

  • Resolve '\n' characters in item names (to give new line characters). As a result, when using the lx module, a '\n' can be included in csv_name_format in jgmenurc to span several lines (see scrot below). For example:

    csv_name_format = %n\n<span size="x-small">%g</span>
  • Amend CSV API to include 'working directory' and 'metadata'

  • Improvements to lx module

    • Allow commas in 'name' and 'command' fields

    • Add working_dir to output, taking the value from the .desktop files' 'Path=' field

  • Improvements to openbox module

    • Support icons with pipe-menu entries (useful with obmenu-generator)

    • Use /etc/xdg/openbox/menu.xml as fallback if no file is specified and $HOME/.config/openbox/menu.xml does not exist.

    • Add experimental i18n support.

  • Fix pmenu markup bug

  • Escape markup characters in "<empty>" string to show correctly

  • Set menu width correctly taking into account pango markup

The improvements relating to the 'lx' module are only available for those using Buster (or Arch, etc), because of a libmenu-cache version dependency.

I have built a modest internationalisation (i18n) implementation which can be used by the 'openbox' module. It's inspired by gettext, but ignores everything in po-files except the msgid and msgstr data. It does not support plural forms or strings spanning multiple lines.

Current we read an environment variable (JGMENU_I18N) to specify translation file/directory. I will add a config file option for this in due course. If the environment variable JGMENU_I18N is set to a directory, the value of $LANG will be used to find the right file.

It is not yet documented, but you can test it by taking the followint steps (replacing sv with whatever is appropriate for you):

(a) Run `jgmenu_run ob | jgmenu_run i18n --init >sv`
(b) Translate entries in file 'sv'
(c) Run 'JGMENU_I18N=sv jgmenu' (with csv_cmd=ob in jgmenurc)

See 'jgmenu_run i18n --help' for more details


My translation file (work in progress - not quite complete)

# Translation file for BunsenLabs Helium openbox menu

# Main Menu

msgid "Run Program"
msgstr "Kör program"

msgid "Terminal"
msgstr "Terminal"

msgid "Web Browser"
msgstr "Webbläsare"

msgid "File Manager"
msgstr "Filhanterare"

msgid "Text Editor"
msgstr "Textredigerare"

msgid "Media Player"
msgstr "Mediaspelare"

msgid "Accessories"
msgstr "Tillbehör"

msgid "Graphics"
msgstr "Grafik"

msgid "Multimedia"
msgstr "Multimedia"

msgid "Network"
msgstr "Nätverk"

msgid "Office"
msgstr "Kontor"

msgid "Places"
msgstr "Platser"

msgid "Recent Files"
msgstr "Nyligen använda filer"

msgid "Preferences"
msgstr "Inställningar"

msgid "System"
msgstr "System"

msgid "Help & Resources"
msgstr "Hjälp och resurser"

msgid "Display Keybinds"
msgstr "Visa tangentbindningar"

msgid "Lock Screen"
msgstr "Lås skärmen"

msgid "Exit"
msgstr "Avsluta"

# Accessories Menu

msgid "Catfish File Search"
msgstr "Catfish fil sökning"

msgid "Archive Manager"
msgstr "Arkiveringshanterare"

msgid "Task Manager (htop)"
msgstr "Program hanterare (htop)"

msgid "System Information (hardinfo)"
msgstr "System information (hardinfo)"

# Graphics Menu (pipe-menu)

msgid "Mirage Image Viewer"
msgstr "Mirage bild visare"

msgid "Screenshots"
msgstr "Skärmdumpar"

msgid "Xfce4 Screenshooter"
msgstr "Xfce4 skärmdump"

msgid "scrot Screenshooter"
msgstr "scrot skärmdump"

msgid "Install"
msgstr "Installera"

# Multimedia Menu (pipe-menu)

msgid "Vlc Media Player"
msgstr "Vlc mediaspelare"

msgid "utilities"
msgstr "verktyg"

# Network Menu

msgid "WWW Browsers"
msgstr "WWW utforskare"

msgid "Select Default Browser"
msgstr "Välj standard utforskare"

msgid "Filezilla FTP Client"
msgstr "Filezilla FTP klient"

msgid "Transmission BitTorrent Client"
msgstr "Transmission BitTorrent klient"

msgid "HexChat IRC Client"
msgstr "HexChat IRC klient"

msgid "Remote Filesystems"
msgstr "Avseläget filsystem"

msgid "Remote Desktop"
msgstr "Avseläget skrivbord"

msgid "SSH"
msgstr "SSH"

# Office Menu

msgid "LibreOffice"
msgstr "Libreoffice"

msgid "Gnumeric Spreadsheet"
msgstr "Gnumeric kalkylark"

msgid "Calculator"
msgstr "Miniräknare"

msgid "Evince PDF Viewer"
msgstr "Evince PDF visare"

# Places Menu

msgid "Browse here..."
msgstr "Bläddra här..."

# Recent Files Menu

msgid "Clear recent files"
msgstr "Rensa nyligen använda filer"

# Preferences Menu

msgid "Openbox"
msgstr "Openbox"

msgid "Compositor"
msgstr "Kompositör"

msgid "Conky"
msgstr "Conky"

msgid "Tint2"
msgstr "Tint2"

msgid "Appearance"
msgstr "Utseende"

msgid "Font configuration"
msgstr "Font konfigurering"

msgid "BLOB Themes Manager"
msgstr "BLOB tema hanterare"

msgid "Wallpaper"
msgstr "Bakgrund"

msgid "Notifications"
msgstr "Underrättelse"

msgid "Power Management"
msgstr "Strömhanterare"

msgid "dmenu"
msgstr "dmenu"

msgid "gmrun"
msgstr "gmrun"

msgid "Display"
msgstr "Skärm"

msgid "Edit menu.xml"
msgstr "Redigera menu.xml"

msgid "Edit rc.xml"
msgstr "Redigera rc.xml"

msgid "Edit autostart"
msgstr "Redigera autostart"

msgid "Menu Editor"
msgstr "Meny redigerare"

msgid "WM Preferences"
msgstr "WM preferencer"

msgid "How to Edit Menu"
msgstr "Hur man redigerarer menyn"

msgid "Reconfigure"
msgstr "Omkonfigurera"

msgid "Restart"
msgstr "Starta om"

msgid "Edit Start-up Script"
msgstr "Redigera uppstarts script"

msgid "man page"
msgstr "Manual sidor"

msgid "Edit Config File"
msgstr "Redigera config fil"

msgid "ARandR Screen Layout Editor"
msgstr "ARandR skärm layout redigerare"

msgid "man xrandr"
msgstr "xrandr manual"

msgid "System"
msgstr "System"

msgid "Printers"
msgstr "Skrivare"

msgid "Synaptic Package Manager"
msgstr "Synaptic paket hanterare"

msgid "Login Settings"
msgstr "Inloggnings inställningar"

msgid "GParted"
msgstr "GParted"

msgid "Edit Debian Alternatives"
msgstr "Redigera Debian alternativ"

msgid "About Bunsen Alternatives"
msgstr "Om Bunsen alternativ"

msgid "Bunsen Help Files"
msgstr "Bunsen hjälp filer"

msgid "Openbox 3"
msgstr "Openbox 3"

msgid "Log out"
msgstr "Logga ut"

msgid "Suspend"
msgstr "Vänteläge"

msgid "Reboot"
msgstr "Start om"

msgid "Power off"
msgstr "Stäng av"


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