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(solved)bunsenweather alignr for output

Hi all,

First post, new to linux, second day using it.

I am currently playing around with my conky (which is nowhere near as nice as the ones posted in 'Show us your conky!' and I wanted to make a small aesthetically pleasing change.

This is my current conky weather section:

And I would like the data to be displayed with ${alignr} as it is on the 'Shortcut keys' section.

The code for bunsenweather:

printf "%s: %s\nTemp: %s\nMax Temp: %s\nHumidity: %s\nCloud cover: %s\n" "$city" "$description" "$temperature" "$temperature_max" "$humidity" "$cloud_cover"

I have tried adding ${alignr} before, inside, after "$description" or anything else but nothing works.

Hope it's not too basic of a help post.


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Re: (solved)bunsenweather alignr for output

^the variable ${alignr} is also not used in the script
"", but in the  ".conkyrc"   wink


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Re: (solved)bunsenweather alignr for output

I thought about that, but then how can I make the output of the look certain way?


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Re: (solved)bunsenweather alignr for output

what does your conkyrc look like?


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Re: (solved)bunsenweather alignr for output

--[[ conky configuration
 For conky variables and commands use the terminal command:

 man conky

 BunsenLabs conky threads

 Index » Scripts, Tutorials & Tips » Conky - Calendars / Clocks / Time

 Open a thread and post conky questions in: Index » GUI & Applications

 Display your completed conky and codes
 Index » Scripts, Tutorials & Tips » Show us your conky

 BunsenLabs conky scripts help
 Openbox Menu/Preferences/Conky/Conky Manager Help

 If there are one or more conkys running, it is possible to kill one conky with
 the following command, IF you used what is between the quotes to start the conky, e.g.:
 pkill -xf "conky -q -c $HOME/.config/conky/BL-Default.conkyrc"

conky.config = {

--  Window Settings
    own_window = true,
    own_window_type = 'normal',
    own_window_transparent = true,
    own_window_hints = 'undecorated,below,skip_taskbar,skip_pager,sticky',
    own_window_colour = '000000',
    own_window_class = 'Conky',
    own_window_title = 'BunsenLabs Default Conky',

-- ARGB can be used for real transparency
--own_window_argb_visual = true, -- Options: true|false

-- NOTE that a composite manager is required for real transparency and ARGB will not
-- work as desired (in most cases) in conjunction with 'own_window_type override'.
-- Use with: own_window_type = 'normal',
-- Use with: own_window_transparent = false,

-- When ARGB visuals are enabled, use the following to modify the alpha value. Valid
-- range is 0-255, where 0 is 0% opacity, and 255 is 100% opacity.
--own_window_argb_value = 150,

    minimum_width = 200, minimum_height = 0,-- width | height
    maximum_width = 400,

    gap_x = 20,-- left | right
    gap_y = 45,-- up | down

    alignment = 'top_left',
--  End Window Settings

--  Font Settings
-- Use Xft (anti-aliased font and stuff)
    use_xft = true,

--font = 'Liberation Mono:bold:size=10',
--font = 'Liberation Sans:size=10',
    font = 'Sans-serif:size=10',

-- Alpha of Xft font. Must be a value at or between 1 and 0
    xftalpha = 1,

-- Force UTF8? requires XFT
    override_utf8_locale = true,

    uppercase = false,
--  End Font Settings

--  Color Settings
    draw_shades = false,
    default_shade_color = '000000',

    draw_outline = false,-- amplifies text if true
    default_outline_color = '000000',

    default_color = 'C08906', 
--default_color = '656667', -- Waldorf original colour
--default_color = '7a7a7a', -- Flame  & BunsenLabs Grey
--default_color = '929292', -- BunsenLabs Grey
--default_color = 'C0C0C0', -- BunsenLabs Silver
    color0 = 'B0E0E6',-- PowderBlue
    color1 = '778899',-- LightSlateGray
    color2 = 'D8BFD8',-- Thistle
    color3 = '9ACD32',-- YellowGreen
    color4 = 'FFA07A',-- LightSalmon
    color5 = 'FFDEAD',-- NavajoWhite
    color6 = '00BFFF',-- DeepSkyBlue
    color7 = '5F9EA0',-- CadetBlue
    color8 = 'BDB76B',-- DarkKhaki
    color9 = 'C0C0C0',-- Silver
--  End Color Settings

--  Borders Section
    draw_borders = false,
-- Stippled borders?
    stippled_borders = 5,
-- border margins
    border_inner_margin = 5,
    border_outer_margin = 0,
-- border width
    border_width = 2,
-- graph borders
    draw_graph_borders = false,
--default_graph_height = 15,
--default_graph_width = 40,
--  End Borders Section

--  Miscellaneous Section
-- Boolean value, if true, Conky will be forked to background when started.
    background = true,

-- Adds spaces around certain objects to stop them from moving other things
-- around, this only helps if you are using a mono font
-- Options: right, left or none
    use_spacer = 'none',

-- Default and Minimum size is 256 - needs more for single commands that
-- "call" a lot of text IE: bash scripts
--text_buffer_size = 6144,

-- Subtract (file system) buffers from used memory?
    no_buffers = true,

-- change GiB to G and MiB to M
    short_units = true,

-- Imlib2 image cache size, in bytes. Default 4MiB Increase this value if you use
-- $image lots. Set to 0 to disable the image cache.
    imlib_cache_size = 0,

-- Use the Xdbe extension? (eliminates flicker)
-- It is highly recommended to use own window with this one
-- so double buffer won't be so big.
    double_buffer = true,

-- Maximum size of user text buffer, i.e. layout below TEXT line in config file
-- (default is 16384 bytes)
--max_user_text = 16384,

-- Desired output unit of all objects displaying a temperature. Parameters are
-- either "fahrenheit" or "celsius". The default unit is degree Celsius.
--temperature_unit = 'celsius,

-- Update interval in seconds
    update_interval = 1,

--  End Miscellaneous Section

conky.text = [[
S Y S T E M    I N F O
Swap usage:${alignr}${swapperc}%
Disk usage:$alignr${fs_used /} / ${fs_size /}
#Root usage:$alignr${fs_used /} / ${fs_size /}
#Home usage:$alignr${fs_used /home} / ${fs_size /home}
CPU Average:${alignr}${cpu cpu0}%
# Weather information from can be displayed in conky by
# using the script $HOME/.config/conky/scripts/ The openweathermap
# service requires registration in order to receive an API Key, which has to be
# added to For further info see this script and the following thread:
# Calling from conky works by using
# ${execpi <t> /.config/conky/scripts/ "yourlocation"}
# where <t> is the update interval. If "yourlocation" is not defined, the script
# sets geolocation based on your IP adress using the website

${execpi 60 $HOME/.config/conky/scripts/}

S H O R T C U T    K E Y S
Alt + F2${alignr}Run Dialog
Alt + F3${alignr}Alt Menu
Super${alignr}Main Menu
Super + Tab${alignr}Client Menu
Super + t${alignr}Terminal
Super + f${alignr}File Manager
Super + e${alignr}Editor
Super + m${alignr}Media Player
Super + w${alignr}Web Browser
Super + h${alignr}Task Manager
Super + l${alignr}Lock Screen
Super + v${alignr}Volume Control
Super + x${alignr}Logout

bbl, going for lunch

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Re: (solved)bunsenweather alignr for output

sorry, I can't help with conky1.10  yikes
I have to test that for myself, how to move the output to the right.


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Re: (solved)bunsenweather alignr for output

No worries, I will keep trying to make it sit aligned to the right.


So I have found




but I am lost for ideas how would I apply it here:

printf "%s: %s\nTemp: %s\nMax Temp: %s\nHumidity: %s\nCloud cover: %s\n" "$city" "$description" "$temperature" "$temperature_max" "$humidity" "$cloud_cover"

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Re: (solved)bunsenweather alignr for output

Maybe there is an easier solution...

This works correctly for me in the script:   wink

# Format the output with printf
printf "%s: \${alignr}%s\n\${goto 5}Wind: \${alignr}%d m/s, from %.3d°\n\${goto 5}Temp: \${alignr}%d°C\n\${goto 5}Humidity: \${alignr}%d%%\n\${goto 5}Pressure: \${alignr}%d hPa" "$city" "$condition" "$wind" "$winddir" "$temperature" "$humidity%" "$pressure" 2>/dev/null


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Re: (solved)bunsenweather alignr for output




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