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#1 2018-07-17 03:08:13

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[Suggestion] Add more colorschemes to Geany … lorschemes
I feel 2 light themes, 1 blue-ish and 1 semi-dark is insufficient. They're easy enough to install manually but it'd just be nice to have more preincluded (-:


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Re: [Suggestion] Add more colorschemes to Geany

A couple of preinstalled themes is enough to gently suggest: "find a theme you like and make it your own". If there were a dozen themes ready for you, most probably you would still want the one that is not included.


#3 2018-07-31 10:27:54

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Re: [Suggestion] Add more colorschemes to Geany

nekoseam, you already posted the soution to this!
simply clone the repo to ~/.config/geany and enjoy a bunch of new colorschemes.
there was also a large number of base-16 colorschemes... ahh, here they are: and … ster/geany

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