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Gfycat & Imgur videos not playing in Chromium


I am using Chromium 67 installed from the standard repos. A few days ago, I could see Gfycat & Imgur videos without issue. I ran an update over the last day or so and now I cannot. The page loads, the video window with the thumbnail shows up, but the video will not play (either on the site, or on reddit).

I have tried deleting .config/chromium, opening incognito windows, disabling extensions, and purging and reinstalling Chromium. I also removed the Pepper package wondering if that might conflict somehow.

The videos play fine in Firefox and Google Chrome Stable installed from the default sources. Youtube videos or Facebook or anything else seems to work fine.

What might be going on here?

EDIT: mp3 playback on Bandcamp or NPR is also not working.

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Re: Gfycat & Imgur videos not playing in Chromium

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Re: Gfycat & Imgur videos not playing in Chromium

i have seen a few posts around the net about media playback problems with chrom/e/ium on linux, but mostly it was just about one video format, and i don't remember the fix anyway.
have you tried installing ALL gstreamer plugins you can find in stretch repos?

PS: gfycat & imgur require javascript and cross-site requests to display anything at all.

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