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Basic system maintenance commands

Package Management

To easily keep your system up to date, open a terminal and run the following commands. I do this daily, but weekly or even monthly is sufficient if you're using our stable release. If you have any questions about what apt reports will get upgraded, open a new thread in the Basic Help & Support forum before choosing yes to the 'apt upgrade' prompt...

sudo apt update
sudo apt upgrade

If apt reports that "the following packages are no longer needed"...

sudo apt --purge autoremove

Again, don't run that command without some understanding of what is being removed, so open a Help thread if in doubt!

That's it!


To install a package (gcolor2 in these examples)...

sudo apt install gcolor2

To install a package but not the Debian recommended packages, useful for things like the Nautilus file manager...

sudo apt install --no-install-recommends nautilus

To remove a package and automatically remove no longer needed packages (always post before running this if you have questions, do not run if libc6, gcc+ or network-manager/nm-applet are listed)...

sudo apt purge --autoremove gcolor2

Of course, you can install or remove multiple packages at the same time...

sudo apt purge --autoremove gcolor2 nautilus

That's it!


For more information...

man apt

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