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Can I upgrade the kernel after installing?


I recently purchased a ThinkPad T570 and would like to install BunsenLabs, however I am concerned that the built-in WiFi card will not work. The wireless adapter I am using is the Intel Dual-Band Wireless-AC 8265, and from here I am under the impression that I cannot get the adapter to work without upgrading the kernel from 3.16 to 4.6 or newer. I have tried running BunsenLabs from a live image on a flash drive and was unable to upgrade the kernel on the live image and also unable to get the adapter to work at all.

a. Is my impression correct, and
b. Will I be able to upgrade the kernel once BunsenLabs is installed and get the WiFi adapter working?



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Re: Can I upgrade the kernel after installing?

a. yes.
b. yes.

However, I think you should probably try Debian stretch instead with that hardware, the support will be *much* better.

BunsenLabs isn't really aimed at brand new hardware but we should have a new release out (based on Debian stretch) some time soon(ish) that will do better in that respect.

The Hydrogen (/Deuterium) release can be upgraded from jessie-backports to get the support your hardware needs but I think you're probably better off looking at the newer Debian version for now.

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