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Rootkit Checker for Linux

I was reading headlines on LXer early this morning and came across an article that mentioned chkrootkitchkrootkit is a command-line utility that scans your system for rootkits.  chkrootkit is available in the Debian repos and must be run as superuser:

sudo chkrootkit

Also note that just because chkrootkit doesn't find anything doesn't necessarily mean you are safe.  chkrootkit only detects rootkits; it doesn't remove them.  More info on the project site.

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Re: Rootkit Checker for Linux

One potential problem with that method is that chkrootkit uses the `ps` command and this won't work if the rootkit has replaced that (likely); also, once a rootkit is in place the kernel & running system is compromised and cannot be trusted.

The packets sent by a suspect machine could be captured and analysed to know for sure or a "live" ISO image could be used to inspect the system from a "clean" kernel & userspace.

I like to use to detect tampering of system files and for a rudimentary form of mandatory access control on my Debian stable systems.

For anything important I would use OpenBSD instead, whenever possible, obviously glasses

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Re: Rootkit Checker for Linux

^OpenBSD has indeed high security standards, however there were those new leaks, mentioning tools for different OSs. Some of them were for OpenBSD. It seems even a security focused niche OS has weak points to exploit.


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