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Your thoughts on TAILS?

Hey guys! I'm a big fan of BL but I also carry with me a TAILS pendrive all the time.

I was wondering what is your opinion about this distro? have you ever used it?

For the ones who doesn't know, TAILS is a live OS based in Debian and TOR, designed to be "amnesic" and very secure.

I'm very curious about your opinions. smile

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Re: Your thoughts on TAILS?

I also have a full TAILS installation on a USB stick but I have yet to use it "in anger", so to speak.

Apparently, some ISPs will routinely throttle tor-ified connections and using such a method is surely in itself highly suspicious and likely to attract further attention.

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Re: Your thoughts on TAILS?

Im not a fan of the Tor network, not after reading all about the strangeness of it all, could be fake news etc... owned and occupied by the cia et al...


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Re: Your thoughts on TAILS?

I'm skeptical of the tor network. Running exit nodes is extremely expensive. Only state sponsorship could pay for that. So, basically, it's a way to volunteer to governments that you're probably up to no good (even if that's not the case), leading to more scrutiny of your behavior, while you utilize their servers.


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Re: Your thoughts on TAILS?

FWIW, here in the US a number of public libraries are TOR end points, and are not state sponsored.


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Re: Your thoughts on TAILS?

I'm also skeptical of the tor network. I guess there is a strong surveillance of the activities on the network and I'm not fully convinced that it is not possible to reveal somehow a user's identity. Also, it's blocked basically everywhere, even on this forum.

There are some use-cases e.g. using some .onion search engines or some e-mail services with .onion sites, even facebook has an .onion site, where it is good to have tor, so the ip will not be revealed, but someone should be aware of the specifics - pros and cons - of the tor network.

Basically I think VPNs are more suitable in most cases for internet activities, but it's also good to have tor or a system like tails. A huge disadvantage is - as HoaS pointed out - that it draws attention, already something like a download of the tails image. I was also wondering often, how on earth are so many volunteers for running tor servers, but I guess the tor organization tries to minimize the risk for servers "in wrong hands".


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Re: Your thoughts on TAILS?

I'm not an expert on tails, but Edward Snowden used it when evading the NSA and he recommends it now.

Wired story on Snowden and tails

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