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BunsenLabs "Deuterium" point release

The BunsenLabs team are pleased to announce the "Deuterium" point release, which fixes a number of longstanding issues and adds some improvements. Existing users can upgrade their systems via apt in the usual way: there is no need to reinstall the system.

Some desktop settings can be upgraded by running 'bl-welcome' after upgrading packages, and other small improvements in user settings can be found in /usr/share/bunsen/skel and copied into $HOME as desired.

Upgraded ISO files will be released in the near future.

The packages affected are bunsen-common, bunsen-configs, bunsen-pipemenus, bunsen-utilities, bunsen-faenza-icon-theme, bunsen-images and bunsen-welcome.

Release notes:


    add bl-install script for menu-triggered installs
    See 'bl-install --help'.

    add new bunsen flame icon
    available as distributor-logo-bunsenlabs


    move bunsen-specific lightdm configuration from /etc/lightdm/lightdm.conf to usr/share/lightdm/lightdm.conf.d/50_bunsen.conf to simplify upgrades.
    Before the upgrade, lightdm.conf was a symlink to lightdm.conf.bunsen, which will still hold any user customizations. Copy them from there to lightdm.conf

    add /etc/asound.conf to improve pulseaudio-alsa integration.
    If you don't use pulseaudio, edit asound.conf and remove the content.

    in openbox/autostart, improve pulseaudio and composition startup, remove unnecessary forking
    replace volti with volumeicon
    See here for details.

    improve cli colour handling

    add slight fading in compton default config

    configure exo-preferred-applications with BL defaults

    add bl-cli-editor to run user's preferred cli editor in a terminal
    See here for details.


    improve compton and tint2 handling

    improve help pipemenu

    improve ssh pipemenu

    add help options to all executables


    bl-exit: complete rewrite with optional enhanced GUI
    For configuration see here.

    add copyright headers and help options to all files


    add improved brightness icon

    add new button icons for distributor-logo-bunsenlabs with symlinks from distributor-logo and start-here.


    reorganize names and directories


    add "deuterium tweaks" page to update existing users' configs.

    add "Bunsen backports" page.

    rewrite flash page to use bunsen-pepperflash

(plus various small tweaks and bugfixes)

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