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Custom Kernel or Debian Backports Kernel Causing NVIDIA Drivers To Fai

Hi Guys,

Bunsenlabs is top notch, no doubt about it which is why I am currently using it as my production OS.  However, recently I have complete failure with NVIDIA drivers/DKMS when installing a custom kernel or the most up to date kernel through Debian backports.  After the kernel loads, my display manager fails to startup.  All I get is a flashing screen with the blinking curser.  This is a new issue as I have been compiling custom kernels for a long while now running Bunsenlabs without any problems using the NVIDIA drivers that were installed using Debian's instructions.  I have even done sudo apt-get remove --purge nvidia-* and then reinstalled the NVIDIA drivers as per Debian and I still get the same result.  In fact, I need to reinstall BunsenLabs altogether.  NVIDIA works fine with I install it with Bunsen's default kernel only.

Anyone else experiencing this and if so, how to fix?  Thanks.


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Re: Custom Kernel or Debian Backports Kernel Causing NVIDIA Drivers To Fai

Try disabling kernel modesetting, that may fix it.

I'm not sure if that will work for the proprietary driver though.

The ArchWiki has some suggestions: … X_shutdown

Finally, have you tried the nouveau driver?

Apparently, the performance is quite respectable these days.

Also, you should post the exact method by which you installed your drivers.

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