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#1 2016-09-10 13:29:01

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BunsenLabs does not boot.


Today I tried installing BunsenLabs Hydrogen, but when I restarted my computer after the installation completed, the OS did not boot up.

I downloaded bl-Hydrogen-amd64_20160710.iso and wrote onto an empty USB flash drive. I restarted my computer and booted it up. I selected Graphical install and did everything it asked.

I have 3 hard drives, 1 of them was empty and was labeled sdc. I let it automatically make a partition, now it had sdc1  ext4  475GB and sdc5  swap  25GB on it.
I also installed the grub to the same drive.

When the installation finished, I removed the USB drive and rebooted the computer.

On startup is showed me a gray background with the BunsenLabs logo and a menu where I could select BunsenLabs GNU/Linux and an advanced option. It went further automatically.

Then it displayed this:

   Loading, please wait ...
   Scanning for Btrfs filesystem
   /dev/sdc1: clean, #/# files, #/# blocks

After that, it showed me nothing else. After 10 minutes, still nothing but the 3 lines of text.

My computer (about 1 year old):
CPU: Intel Core i5 3.2GHz
GPU: GeForce GTX 980
I used USB3.0 and currently runs Windows 8.1(on different drive)

Does somebody know a solution to this?


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Re: BunsenLabs does not boot.

Did you make the usb using the methods recommended on the Bunsenlabs site?

Recent hardware will need newer drivers or kernel. See this forum section for ideas - Getting Started

It seems likely that you have a graphics issue, so try booting with the nomodeset kernel option.

If you have an intel+nvidia graphics setup then you will need to search for "bumblebee optimus". At the very least you will likely need the newer driver for your nvidia card.

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Re: BunsenLabs does not boot.

Would trying to switch to a different TTY (ctl+alt+ f*)  work in this case? Aka a non-graphical tty?

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Re: BunsenLabs does not boot.

please try the advice given first.

...however, i recently saw a thread where this:

KoneLinx wrote:

   Loading, please wait ...
   Scanning for Btrfs filesystem

was an issue.
the boot would hang at that point.
it was necessary to disable scanning for btrfs, and also for raid, iirc.

but we have to rule out more obvious solutions first.

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