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#1 2015-10-12 19:22:38

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Installing BL from iso and wifi connection

Hi everyone,

Have installed BL on ibm thinkpad r52 - seems to be working fine. However, I tried to install using just a wireless connection, and I could not connect to my wireless network, becuase it did not have the security option I use on my network - you can only choose wep or unprotected or wpa+pk.This was a suprise ,as the live cd worked fine, and I had no issues connecting to my wireless network. The wireless network card was identified correctly - I just could not add in my security key to connect. Not a major issue, but a little bit strange, after being able to connect via the live cd

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Re: Installing BL from iso and wifi connection

I haven't seen this bug before, but I have seen other people complain about missing portions of the installer that everyone else seems to have. There's no way for us to tell if it's a legitimate bug or the user rushing through the installation and overlooking something...

Anyway, I'm glad you got it sorted, and welcome!


#3 2015-10-13 06:40:06

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Re: Installing BL from iso and wifi connection

What is your hardware?

lspci -knn|grep -iA2 net

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Re: Installing BL from iso and wifi connection

I had the same problem as bartyboy across all three of my computers. I had to use an ether cable to fully install and only then did network manager allow wifi connection as normal. BTW even then network manager did not allow VPN connections so I had to download from Synaptics the full network manager with open vpn.


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