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#1 2016-05-01 10:45:40

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[Need Advice!] I want to upgrade RAM

Hi folks.

So, apparently I'm tired with this (low memory issue) 1GB RAM of my old laptop and recently somewhere on Youtube I saw a video which shows I can upgrade my RAM since I am also using the same model.

Here is my system hardware information:
Device: Laptop
Manufacturer: eMachines
Model: e732z
CPU: Intel Pentium P6100 @2.00 GHz
RAM: Kingston 1GB DDR3 RAM

=========== end debug info ============
01: None 00.0: 10105 BIOS
  [Created at bios.186]
  Unique ID: rdCR.lZF+r4EgHp4
  Hardware Class: bios
  BIOS Keyboard LED Status:
    Scroll Lock: off
    Num Lock: off
    Caps Lock: off
  Base Memory: 628 kB
  PnP BIOS: SST2400
  BIOS: extended read supported
  SMBIOS Version: 2.6
  BIOS Info: #0
    Vendor: "INSYDE"
    Version: "V1.11"
    Date: "05/27/2011"
    Start Address: 0x00000
    ROM Size: 2048 kB
    Features: 0x0503000000004bf99880
      PCI supported
      BIOS flashable
      BIOS shadowing allowed
      CD boot supported
      Selectable boot supported
      EDD spec supported
      1.2MB NEC 9800 Japanese Floppy supported
      1.2MB Toshiba Japanese Floppy supported
      360kB Floppy supported
      1.2MB Floppy supported
      720kB Floppy supported
      2.88MB Floppy supported
      8042 Keyboard Services supported
      CGA/Mono Video supported
      ACPI supported
      USB Legacy supported
      BIOS Boot Spec supported
  System Info: #1
    Manufacturer: "eMachines"
    Product: "eME732Z"
    Version: "V1.11"
    Serial: "LXNCB0C003127074432500"
    UUID: undefined, but settable
    Wake-up: 0x06 (Power Switch)
  Board Info: #2
    Manufacturer: "eMachines"
    Product: "HM55_CP"
    Version: "Base Board Version"
    Serial: "127FBFMBQTF0018C"
    Asset Tag: "Base Board Asset Tag"
    Type: 0x0a (Motherboard)
    Features: 0x09
      Hosting Board

Since my system is 32-bit, a bit of googling tells me that it will support till 4GB RAM, but I also read that it also depends on the motherboard as well. So, then I particularly googled for my motherboard model (HM55_CP) but couldn't find any helpful search results. Maybe I think it's because this laptop model is sooo outdated, and I can not afford to buy another system.

So, a Kingston 4GB DDR3 RAM costs around Rs. 1500/- ($25 approx.). in my region. But I am a bit unsure if my motherboard will support or not and I am afraid that if it won't, I will end up wasting that money (which is a huge amount for me to pay/earn).

So, if anybody here who is a pro hardware expert and/or could help me out with my query, it would be really helpful. ;D
Any advice/help will be much appreciated.



#2 2016-05-01 10:55:58

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Re: [Need Advice!] I want to upgrade RAM


I would be very surprised if your motherboard doesn't support 4GiB, as you say all the YT videos seem to support this theory.

I am a long way from a hardware expert though so maybe wait for other replies smile

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Re: [Need Advice!] I want to upgrade RAM

Your system is 32bit but your chipset sure isn't, if you named the correct processor. P6100 supports up to 8G of RAM. Also, your laptop model is sold with 4G or more RAM (e.g. here). So IMO you can stuff 4-8G into that thing just fine.

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#4 2016-06-07 21:48:51

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Re: [Need Advice!] I want to upgrade RAM

Did you upgrade already? Just in case someone has a similar issue: It's mostly helpful to check the service manual and the cpu specifications. However: I can tell from my experiences that occasionally a service manual can be misleading (not very often though, just rarely), so an online search for the machine type and "ram upgrade" might be helpful too. I tried to use 4 GB ram in an old acer laptop before and it turned out that because of the limitations of a motherboard chip it could only recognize up to 3 GB (although the manual stated "up to 4 GB").

In this particular case however - as twoion mentioned - the hardware specifications are surely good enough for 4 GB (which would be a good choice) or even up to 8 GB (over 4 GB seems to be on that machine for "normal" use unnecessary). Here is the service manual: … =11#manual   It clearly states: Up to 8 GB. This corresponds to the cpu specs: … e-2_00-GHz        Btw a ram upgrade from 1 GB to 3 or 4 GB will make the laptop much faster. If you have a 32 bit system, you could also try to install a 64 bit OS (e.g. as dual boot, if you want to keep the old one).


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